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  • Nicky Krastel, Emma Sarbit, and Matt Olson

Dream Weavers: Braiding Our Unique Threads Together in Learning, Leadership, & Collective Experience

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

Weaving (noun): the craft or action of forming fabric by interlacing threads.

We are three Peter Greer educators… with three stories…intertwined together to represent one journey.

We are lucky to learn with each other and with a community of intermediate students.

We would like to share our story, which is rooted in the braiding together of our three unique fabrics, strengthened by trust, shared guiding principles, personal beliefs, values and vision.

Each of our strands offer a distinct skill set, alternate perspective, unique schema and set of experiences.

Together, we have created a distinct tapestry of learning, leadership and collective experience.

Please click here to see the intention letter we wrote to guide our learning this year.

It has become clear to us that our students also draw on the strength of learning in community:

  • "The Peter Greer community grabbed a big crane, dug me out, and helped set me on my way. I really like how it’s a team effort here. Everyone works together." ~Irelyn, grade 6

  • "Because I’ve had the same teachers for three grades I feel more welcomed, more positive attention from them and less negative attention. Lots of stuff has happened to make me feel safe and that I belong." ~Easton, grade 6

  • "During my time in the community, I have become very comfortable with my teachers. We are open with each other and can joke around a lot which makes it fun. [With three teachers]... it’s nice to have multiple perspectives and see them working together. They model how collaboration can strengthen relationships. I have gained confidence with asking for help, advocating for myself, and sharing my learning with others. I have made deeper connections, find it easier to relate to others, and have a really strong group of friends. I have grown in many ways [and] have been able to figure out who I am." ~Sienna, grade 6

Our Community
Our Outdoor Learning Space

In reflecting on our journey together, we identified with Joan Erikson’s statement, “a good life is like a weaving.” We invite you to join our metaphorical storytelling. We don’t just teach together, we LIFE together.

We invite you to go to our website to learn more about our story.

by Nicky Krastel, Emma Sarbit, and Matt Olson

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