Canadian Education Association Award

We are a team of educators from the Central Okanagan Public Schools in Kelowna, B.C. We collaborate with groups of educators from all of our district’s 45 schools in iterative cycles of co-planning, co-teaching, and co-learning.

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Our team’s vision is to create powerful learning experiences for each adult learner in order to provide powerful learning experiences for each student. Our cultural values are the foundation for the professional learning that we

co-create with the educators in our district.

Marnie Birkeland
Marnie Birkeland

Marnie is deeply committed to innovating learning environments to help each learner feel success as they grow from who they are to become lifelong learners.  In her downtime, Marnie enjoys singing and playing the guitar, reading, and making memories with her family.

email: marnie.birkeland@sd23.bc.ca

twitter: @marniebirkeland

phone: 250-860-9729 ext 4263

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Kevin Dent

Kevin is...

email: kevin.dent@sd23.bc.ca

twitter: @dent_official

phone: 250-860-9729 

Keely Flannigan
Keely Flannigan

Keely is passionate about literacy, educational technology, quality education for at-risk learners, project-based learning and quality assessment.  In her downtime, Keely likes to be outside or with a book in her hands.

email: keely.flannigan@sd23.bc.ca

twitter: @keelyflannigan

phone: 250-860-9729 ext 7304

Sarah Gallo

Sarah is passionate about creating authentic and personalized learning experiences in inclusive classrooms, developing student agency, building resiliency, and improving learning for all students.  In her downtime, Sarah is kept busy having adventures with her three young children.

Email: Sarah.Gallo@sd23.bc.ca

Twitter: @SarahGallo15

Phone: 250-860-9729 ext. 7749

Kelly Hanson

Kelly is dedicated to supporting learning as an ongoing, responsive, inquiry process. She loves collaborating and co-creating experiences that value students holistically and nurtures their unique gifts in the context of their communities. Kelly enjoys spending time with her family and she is an avid reader, runner, and lover of all animals (especially her golden retriever, Echo). 

email: kelly.hanson@sd23.bc.ca

ph​one: 250-860-9729 ext 

Kristi Langlois

Kristi has a background in teaching in community and cross-curricular inquiry based learning. She is passionate about empowering and supporting educators to help make their learning environment a fun and exciting place to be for all. In her spare time, she enjoys going to the gym, trail running, and being outdoors with her family.

email: kristi.langlois@sd23.bc.ca

phone: 250-860-9729 ext. 

Lindsey Schroeder
Lindsey Schroeder

Lindsey has a background in math and science and is passionate about exploring ways to improve learning for all students. She believes in fostering cultures where students are empowered to have agency over their learning and develop the competencies they will need to become successful citizens. Outside of work, Lindsey plays soccer, hikes, and enjoys spending time with friends.

email: lindsey.schroeder@sd23.bc.ca​

Twitter: @LindsSchroeder9

phone: 250-860-9729 ext 4091 

Jamie Robinson
District Principal

Jamie is the district principal of learning leadership and innovation.  In 2014, Jamie received an award for being one of Canada's Outstanding Principals.  Jamie is deeply committed to quality assessment, engaging all learners, and looking at systems models to affect large-scale change.  When not in schools and classrooms around our district, Jamie is spending time with his family.

email: jamie.robinson@sd23.bc.ca

phone: 250-860-9729 ext.