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  • Monique French & Parvina Panghali

Sparking, Creating, Discovering, and Upholding Joy in Environment

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

How might we (re)imagine and discover the role of the environment with children and adults? As teacher-researchers, we unpack the notion of the Reggio-inspired principle of Environment as Third Teacher.

As a starting point in our reflection, we return to the words of the children.

Gabe shared “I feel safe in our classroom. Like when I see the soft colours and hear the quiet voices they make me feel calm and it makes me think, this place is for everyone”.

As co-creators of space with children, we are curious about how the environment presupposes values and beliefs? How materials, space, and dialogue invite joyful encounters and transformative learning? And how might we remain curious with children and be culturally responsive to the stories and identities woven into space and place?

Also, we invite you to hear more about our journey in the video below:

by Monique French & Parvina Panghali


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