SD23 One Minute With

The learning sciences are enriching our understanding of how people learn best.  Schools that are designed to leverage knowledge about learning will empower tomorrow's generation to become powerful learners, skilled workers and engaged citizens.  Educators across our district are sharing their curiosity about how we might use research about the Nature of Learning to explore the creation of innovative learning environments. 

SD23 One Minute With

Resources to learn about the core competencies in B.C.'s redesigned curriculum, and educator samples of student self-assessment of their core competencies.

Hear from educators around Central Okanagan Public Schools as they discuss their own learning and how they are creating innovative learning opportunities for their students.  

Educator resources and research about deepening student learning and fostering the competencies.

Educator resources and planning templates that will help to plan deep learning experiences that foster the competencies.

Links to collaborative learning happening in networks and at each elementary, middle, and secondary school in our district.


Instructional Leadership Team Award

We are a team of educators from the Central Okanagan Public Schools in Kelowna, B.C. We collaborate with groups of educators from all of our district’s 43 schools in iterative cycles of co-planning, co-teaching, and co-learning.

SD23 ILT Cultural Values

Our team’s vision is to create powerful and purposeful learning for each adult learner in order to provide powerful and purposeful learning for each student. Our cultural values are the foundation for the professional learning we co-create with the educators in our district.


Instructional Leadership Team

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